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Looking for a combination wall?

A lot is possible in the world of key-walls. We tailor our solutions to your specific project-need. In a number of cases it is recommended to use a combination wall.

The added value of Intra BV for you as a customer

We offer a very complete service and we always think along with our customer. But what makes our services unique? We have listed the most important USP’s for you: We

Flexibility in all aspects of our service

We have a continuous focus on our customers: on October 12 we delivered a batch of cold-bended sheet piles IBO 530-5 in Hollandsche Rading, The Netherlands. The order for 72

The story behind Intra BV

You don’t need to have structural steel in stock to realize earth or water retaining structures. We specialize in selling and renting all kinds of steel products. Jelle Veldhuizen explains

Intra B.V. also supplier of corner profiles

We supply large batches of corner profiles from production, for example to keep your stock up to standard. But you can also contact us for emergencies: we deliver immediately from

Intra BV goes Caribbean

Sometimes your work takes you to places that appeal to the imagination just a little more. How about our project on Saint Barth, the Caribbean answer to Saint-Tropez!? At Saint
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