Various stock locations, with a vast quantity of sheet piles

Intra BV has various stock locations where a vast quantity of sheet piles is being kept. We have two factories in Europe for production, which are located in Belgium and in the Czech Republic. Our stocks are located in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania and Latvia. In most countries we have multiple stock locations to be at best service for our customers.

With our various stock locations, we are able to bring our customers many advantages:

  • Since our stocks are located across many countries we are able to deliver our sheet piles rapidly throughout Europe and beyond.
  • Because we keep a vast quantity of sheet piles on these locations we are able to deliver sheet piles immediately on site. The customer only has to wait until the transport is completed.
  • With these advantages not only time, but also money is saved by our customers.

How INTRA Expanding Seal helps you out with contaminated soil conditions

INTRA Expanding Seal is a sealant with swelling qualities/properties on polyurethane basis and this is why it has a good chemical resistance. For example, at this project, with contaminated soil conditions, it was much needed to construct tubs of sheet piles which are watertight and resistant to chemicals.

Not only does the INTRA Expanding Seal has got good chemical resistance, it also makes sure to have a watertight seal. The seal expands up to 350% of its original volume when in contact with moist, which makes it a watertight seal. All this comes to great value when in need for over approximately 112 kilometers of sheet pile locks.

Would you like to know more about the INTRA Expanding Seal? Please click here.
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A modified project design, especially made by our engineering team

Our certified engineers can draw construction plans or calculate your complete project. We can help you with finding the best and most price efficient solution. Our experience has made us a reliable partner. We have seen that the best results are accomplished when working together with the contractor on a project, starting from the tender phase until the end.

Our certified engineering team would love to help you with:

  • Drawings and calculations
  • Design construction plans
  • Developing alternative construction
  • Cost efficient engineering

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our engineers would like to provide you with all the advice and answers you need.

The three best kinds of surface treatment

For some projects it is necessary to protect your steel and we offer you the necessary and three best surface treatments to help you. You can opt for better protection against corrosion or better aesthetics.

We offer three kinds of surface treatments;

  1. Coatings
    1. We supply all coating systems including the necessary certificates
  2. Galvanizing
    1. We can deliver our products hot dipped galvanized
  3. Cathodic Protection (Anti Corrosion)

Cathodic protection (anti corrosion) is a different kind of surface treatment. It is used to decrease the effect of corrosion and extend the life span of steel significantly. The sacrificial Anode is attached to the steel pile and Anode will literally sacrifices itself. For the calculated period of time only the Anode will corrode and the steel remains in original condition. There are numerous variations in the dimension and characteristics of the Anodes. Our engineering department calculates the most effective and economical Anode to extend the lifespan of the steel. We work closely together with Anode mills to assure the best quality and fast deliveries.

Would you like to know what we can do for you and your products regarding surface treatment? Please get in contact with us by sending an e-mail or give us a call. Our specialists would love to provide you with all the answers you need and give you the best advice.

Rely on us

Looking for a combination wall?

A lot is possible in the world of key-walls. We tailor our solutions to your specific project-need. In a number of cases it is recommended to use a combination wall.

A combined wall consists of, for example, only tubes, tubes and sheet piles, only beams or beams and sheet piles. The possibilities are endless. Different requirements are set for each project. We are happy to think along with you and our constructors will design the most economic combi-wall solution for you.

Our tube-sheet pile combination is often a good solution. The steel tubes we supply for this are in accordance with DIN EN or API. We can supply you with any quality from stock or new production, with certificates.

Would you like to know more about this specific tube-sheet pile combination? Please contact us.

Intra-BV-29-10 website

The added value of Intra BV for you as a customer

We offer a very complete service and we always think along with our customer. But what makes our services unique? We have listed the most important USP’s for you:

  • We deliver almost everything you need directly from stock;
  • Questions and order are always handled quickly and efficiently;
  • We are very flexible in all aspects of our services;
  • We make delivery possible at any time;
  • We think along with the challenges of our customers
  • We have all editing options to deliver customized solutions;
  • We have a large fleet of our own piling machinery, such as vibratory hammers/power packs, ABI rigs and silent pilers, press brakes, punching, rolling and welding lines;
  • We think along with our customer’s sheet pile calculation, so they are assured of the best solution.

Do you want to know more? We like to deliver on our promises! Contact us by phone on +31(88)100 2520 or check our website to find out how we can support you with your steel projects.

Flexibility in all aspects of our service

We have a continuous focus on our customers: on October 12 we delivered a batch of cold-bended sheet piles IBO 530-5 in Hollandsche Rading, The Netherlands.

The order for 72 sheet piles – profile: IBO 530-5 – of 4.8 meters length each, was posted exactly a week before. We continued to work evenings and weekends to serve this customer smoothly. Taking into account the delivery of the necessary basic material, we are very proud of our fast service.

We look at issues from our customers’ perspectives to find optimum solutions!

The story behind Intra BV

You don’t need to have structural steel in stock to realize earth or water retaining structures. We specialize in selling and renting all kinds of steel products. Jelle Veldhuizen explains in his blog more about large stocks, own production capacity and thinking in terms of solutions.

My father, Addy Veldhuizen, started Intra BV from home in 2004. After working for a supplier of sheet piles for several years, he started selling sheet piles himself. Now we work with a team of 31 employees and we provide the sector with all necessary steel profiles for soil and water-retaining structures.

Whether it concerns sheet piles, pipes, beams, bracing or anchors: together we look for the best solutions and applications for you as a customer. We can provide a complete design, or we can help optimize a ground- or water-retaining construction. Thanks to our large stock, our own production facilities and our worldwide network of cooperating companies, we always have the right solution within reach. We are one of the largest players in the industry worldwide!

We supply both hot-rolled and cold-formed sheet piles in all common profile shapes. With our own production facilities such as a rolling line, a modification department and press brakes, we are able to deliver the ultimate customization. We deliver ready-made products not only in terms of size, but also in terms of shape. From submitting DWG files to complete sheet pile calculations: we support you on all fronts.

Steel products
In addition to purchasing various profiles, you can also contact us for steel products that are temporarily made available for a project. This can be done on the basis of a rental or purchase-repurchase agreement. We also have equipment such as Silentpilers, ABI piling rigs, vibratory hammers and power packs. We never feel too big for small projects and we are certainly not too small for large projects!

Intra B.V. also supplier of corner profiles

We supply large batches of corner profiles from production, for example to keep your stock up to standard. But you can also contact us for emergencies: we deliver immediately from our own stock! We offer a suitable solution for every conceivable corner connection!

We are happy to advise you on customization and connections between different types of sheet pile profiles. For example, did you know that corner profiles are not required at all for cold-set sheet piles? We can have sheet piling installed at any specified angle, so that they are delivered ready-to-use to your location.

Delivery from stock
Do you not have the time or opportunity to weld the corner profiles to the sheet pile on site? We are happy to do it for you! We can have sheet piling installed at any specified angle, so that they are delivered ready-to-use at your location. All our corner profiles are directly available from stock. We have extensive stock of profiles: a unique service!

More information? Contact us: +31(88) 100 2520

Project Strecke 2000 Werne

Commissioned by the Deutsche Bahn, we have carried out a very large order, in which we faced several challenges. In this blog, our German colleague Sigfried Steins, together with Dick Veldhuizen, explains more about this special work.

“The first question was whether we could proceed to the delivery of seven thousand tons of sheet piling and 350 tons of horizontal anchors from our own production within a period of a few weeks,” says Sigfried. “The sheet piles must support a dam on which a railway line will be built. The challenge was the different dimensions of the sheet piling.”, adds Dick. Sigfried: “The other challenge was that during the work the diameter of the horizontal anchors had to be adjusted on the basis of calculations by the client.”

Dick: “We addressed the first challenge by drawing up a very tight schedule in the preparation phase, in collaboration with the client. They could exactly indicate which different dimensions of sheet piles had to be installed at what time. Based on this data, we were able to organise our production in such a way that the three hundred trucks could deliver the correct sheet pile format at the location in Werne in the Ruhr area at exactly the right time.”

Horizontal anchors
Sigfried: “The specifications of the horizontal anchors changed last minute. We anticipated on these changes through years of close cooperation with our production site in Germany. By acting quickly, we were able to find a solution in the short time that was given to us!” That did not go unnoticed. Sigfried: “The client said he had never experienced such an adequate service before!”

Sigfried continues: “We are one of the few companies in Europe that can successfully complete assignments of such a large scale in such a short period of time. So, in December 2019 we were mandated for this assignment, late January 2020 the first delivery took place and in June 2020 we completed the project. Exactly within the set schedule! The contractor is very pleased with the cooperation with Intra BV.”