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Used sheet piles for reducing your CO2 footprint and creating a durable project!

There are many advantages when you involve used sheet piles into your project. The biggest one is that they are sustainable and you make sure that they have a bigger

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Various stock locations, with a vast quantity of sheet piles

Intra BV has various stock locations where a vast quantity of sheet piles is being kept. We have two factories in Europe for production, which are located in Belgium and

How INTRA Expanding Seal helps you out with contaminated soil conditions

INTRA Expanding Seal is a sealant with swelling qualities/properties on polyurethane basis and this is why it has a good chemical resistance. For example, at this project, with contaminated soil

A modified project design, especially made by our engineering team

Our certified engineers can draw construction plans or calculate your complete project. We can help you with finding the best and most price efficient solution. Our experience has made us

The three best kinds of surface treatment

For some projects it is necessary to protect your steel and we offer you the necessary and three best surface treatments to help you. You can opt for better protection
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