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Intra BV buys all kinds of used materials, from Steel Pipes, Sheet Piles, Beams and many more.

Don’t let your (used) construction materials go to waste! Our team of experts is able to estimate the value of your used materials and will offer you a fair price. Plus, by selling your used materials to Intra BV, you can help reducing waste and support sustainable construction methods. 

Intra BV is interested in used construction materials, because of the following benefits: 

1.     Cost savings: Used Sheet Piles can be a cost-effective option compared to buying new ones. They are often in good condition and have been successfully used in previous construction projects. By buying used Sheet Piles, we can save money on the material cost, which can be an important factor in many projects.

2.     Availability: Intra BV has more availability due to having multiple stock locations. This availability means that we can quickly get the materials we need, reducing delays in many construction projects.

3.     Durability: Sheet piles are designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. Used Sheet Piles that have been well-maintained and have not been subjected to extreme conditions can still offer excellent durability and lifetime.

4.     Environmental benefits: When we use used Sheet Piles, we are contributing to a more sustainable construction industry. Reusing materials is an eco-friendly solution that reduces waste and saves resources.

In conclusion, used Sheet Piles can be an excellent choice for many construction projects. With these advantages, used Sheet Piles are an excellent investment for any construction project requiring strong, reliable foundations or retaining walls. Please contact us if you want to sell your (used) steel! We would love to find the best solution for everyone!

+ 31 88 100 2500

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