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Intra BV sponsors Hoolwerf Heiwerken/AB Vakwerken marathon skating team

Since October 22nd the Intra BV logo is printed on the competition suits of the Hoolwerf Heiwerken/AB Vakwerken marathon skating team. Intra BV is from now on an official and proud sponsor of this team! 

When we got the opportunity to be a sponsor of this marathon skating team we didn’t hesitate a second too long. We knew that we would love to do this and so we do. 
We have already attended our first game and we had such a great time! It was eventful, but also very informative. We already knew a little about the marathon skating, since we have been following them already for a little while, but now we have been told and teached the must-know ins and outs.  

Teun Buitendijk said some beautiful words about this great collaboration:
“Marathon skating and the business of Intra BV have many similarities: the emphasis is on perseverance and endurance, where only the result counts. Just ‘roll up your sleeves’ in the traditional Dutch way.”

Fun fact: the Hoolwerf Heiwerken team members have lived nearby us since we were born, some of us even went to elementary school with them! This makes the sponsorship even more valuable, special and fun. 

We wish the Hoolwerf Heiwerken/AB Vakwerken marathon skating team the best of luck on their races this year! And where-ever we can, we will be cheering for them on the side-line! 

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