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Why are our MKU profiles the perfect fit for Flood protection projects (Hoch Wasser Schutz, HWS)?

Our MKU profiles are especially designed for Flood protection projects (Hoch Wasser Schutz, HWS) projects. This makes them the perfect fit to every HWS project. You’d might wonder why? To be able to explain it to you we have to tell you a little history about Intra BV and the MKU profile.

A few years ago, we had a client who was in the need of sheet piles for a, I think that you can guess it already, an HWS project. A hard requirement on this was that the sheet piles must have had the same shape as the ones in the specification. We wanted to provide our client with the same shape of sheet piles, but with a reduced risk of leaking locks. This is when we designed our MKU profiles. We made sure that the shape would be completely the same, but then a double pile without the extra lock that normally is required (as you can see on the pictures below).

This solution made sure that the chance on leaking locks was reduced with 50%, simply because there are 50% fewer locks. With the flexibility of MKU profiles we were able to provide our client with major advantages and we have applied this in the meantime on other projects as well.

The IBO® and MKU sheet piles are available in thicknesses up to 10 mm and lengths up to 18.000 mm. The special webpage about these profiles shows you the comparison between hot rolled sheet piles and our IBO® cold-formed sheet piles in different thicknesses. It also shows you what the possible savings are when using cold-rolled or cold-formed sheet piles.

Our experts would love to tell you all about the power of MKU and IBO® sheet piles on HWS projects! You can contact us easily by sending us an e-mail or by giving us a call

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