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Declutching Detectors

Intra BV can install Declutching Detectors

Intra BV can install Declutching Detectors on the Sheet Piles as an additional option to provide that even more certainty is provided when desired for the customer!

Declutching Detectors are used to check if Sheet Piles will remain interlocked for their entire length during installation. Intra BV produces its own Declutching Detectors; this patented system is especially designed to be easy-to-use and provide the certainty which is wanted.

Intra BV offers this option to the customer as an additional certainty.

Unfortunately, soil conditions can’t prevent sections from running out of the lock, but according to science, these Declutching Detectors are extremely useful. A major benefit of our Declutching Detectors: one can decide in advance whether or not to take additional actions prior to the excavation. That way it will prevent even higher costs in a later stage of the project to mitigate the consequences of an out-of-lock board. Therefore, in high-risk projects, they are a valuable addition to the process.

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