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sheet piles

Intra BV produces hybrid sheet piles from their own production

Intra BV offers their customers hybrid sheet piling, which will have the advantages of coldformed sheet piles but, with hot rolled locks. The design freedom and maximum optimizationis present in cold formed sheet piling and gives an optimal profile. The hybrid sheet piling can be developed project-specifically by Intra BV; there is no limitation in width, thickness and height; “tailormade.” The most balanced weight at the minimum required strength/stiffness of the sheet piling is self-evident. Intra BV makes sure the profiles are delivered with hot rolled sheet piling locks.

We like to think along with our customers to achieve the best result for each individual project.Please contact one of our specialists, they would love to give you the best suitable advice about our hybrid sheet piling and how it can be of benefit for your project. 


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