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INTRA Expanding Seal

The INTRA Expanding Seal is the product with watertight sheet pile joints as a result. This Hydrophilic swelling sealant on Polyurethane (PU) basis expands up to 350% of its original volume when it comes into contact with moisture and it can be applied to the sheet piling interlock structure on site.

INTRA Expanding Seal is an air moisture curing polyurethane sealant. The product does not contain any raw materials that are classified as dangerous to the environment.

Once cured, the expected life time is 100 years; during this life cycle INTRA Expanding Seal will not release any substances that are harmful to the environment, ground water or soil.

The INTRA Expanding Seal resists a water pressure of at least 10 bar/1000kPa. The pressure resistance test can be reviewed by sending us a request by e-mail.

The INTRA Expanding Seal is ideal for:

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