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Intra Expanding Seal and IBZ-profiles
in Antwerpen, Belgium

Intra Expanding Seal and IBZ-profiles delivered for this unique project in Antwerpen.

Intra BV delivered Intra Expanding Seal and 4000 tonnes Cold Formed sheet piles for ‘Project ONE’ in Antwerpen. Thanks to highly advanced technologies, Project ONE will be one of the most energy-efficient and raw materials efficient olefin complexes in Europe. 

‘Project ONE’ already makes a quantum leap by making maximum use of the very best of contemporary technology. Buyers of ethylene from ‘Project ONE’ can save two million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year as they will no longer have to rely on ethylene from more polluting plants*.

This correlates well with our interlock sealing product; INTRA Expanding Seal, because it is very sustainable. It will, for example, exceed the construction’s lifespan and our product does not contain any raw materials that are classified as dangerous to the environment. By using our Intra Expanding Seal it will bring many advantages. One of the main advantages of the INTRA Expanding Seal is that it expands up to 350% of its volume when in contact with moist and it has an easy application directly into the locks with a standard caulking gun.

*= This information and pictures come from

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