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The three best kinds of surface treatment

For some projects it is necessary to protect your steel and we offer you the necessary and three best surface treatments to help you. You can opt for better protection against corrosion or better aesthetics.

We offer three kinds of surface treatments;

  1. Coatings
    1. We supply all coating systems including the necessary certificates
  2. Galvanizing
    1. We can deliver our products hot dipped galvanized
  3. Cathodic Protection (Anti Corrosion)

Cathodic protection (anti corrosion) is a different kind of surface treatment. It is used to decrease the effect of corrosion and extend the life span of steel significantly. The sacrificial Anode is attached to the steel pile and Anode will literally sacrifices itself. For the calculated period of time only the Anode will corrode and the steel remains in original condition. There are numerous variations in the dimension and characteristics of the Anodes. Our engineering department calculates the most effective and economical Anode to extend the lifespan of the steel. We work closely together with Anode mills to assure the best quality and fast deliveries.

Would you like to know what we can do for you and your products regarding surface treatment? Please get in contact with us by sending an e-mail or give us a call. Our specialists would love to provide you with all the answers you need and give you the best advice.

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