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Project Strecke 2000 Werne

Commissioned by the Deutsche Bahn, we have carried out a very large order, in which we faced several challenges. In this blog, our German colleague Sigfried Steins, together with Dick Veldhuizen, explains more about this special work.

“The first question was whether we could proceed to the delivery of seven thousand tons of sheet piling and 350 tons of horizontal anchors from our own production within a period of a few weeks,” says Sigfried. “The sheet piles must support a dam on which a railway line will be built. The challenge was the different dimensions of the sheet piling.”, adds Dick. Sigfried: «The other challenge was that during the work the diameter of the horizontal anchors had to be adjusted on the basis of calculations by the client.»

Dick: “We addressed the first challenge by drawing up a very tight schedule in the preparation phase, in collaboration with the client. They could exactly indicate which different dimensions of sheet piles had to be installed at what time. Based on this data, we were able to organise our production in such a way that the three hundred trucks could deliver the correct sheet pile format at the location in Werne in the Ruhr area at exactly the right time.”

Horizontal anchors
Sigfried: “The specifications of the horizontal anchors changed last minute. We anticipated on these changes through years of close cooperation with our production site in Germany. By acting quickly, we were able to find a solution in the short time that was given to us!” That did not go unnoticed. Sigfried: «The client said he had never experienced such an adequate service before!»

Sigfried continues: “We are one of the few companies in Europe that can successfully complete assignments of such a large scale in such a short period of time. So, in December 2019 we were mandated for this assignment, late January 2020 the first delivery took place and in June 2020 we completed the project. Exactly within the set schedule! The contractor is very pleased with the cooperation with Intra BV.”

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