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The story behind Intra BV

You don’t need to have structural steel in stock to realize earth or water retaining structures. We specialize in selling and renting all kinds of steel products. Jelle Veldhuizen explains in his blog more about large stocks, own production capacity and thinking in terms of solutions.

My father, Addy Veldhuizen, started Intra BV from home in 2004. After working for a supplier of sheet piles for several years, he started selling sheet piles himself. Now we work with a team of 31 employees and we provide the sector with all necessary steel profiles for soil and water-retaining structures.

Whether it concerns sheet piles, pipes, beams, bracing or anchors: together we look for the best solutions and applications for you as a customer. We can provide a complete design, or we can help optimize a ground- or water-retaining construction. Thanks to our large stock, our own production facilities and our worldwide network of cooperating companies, we always have the right solution within reach. We are one of the largest players in the industry worldwide!

We supply both hot-rolled and cold-formed sheet piles in all common profile shapes. With our own production facilities such as a rolling line, a modification department and press brakes, we are able to deliver the ultimate customization. We deliver ready-made products not only in terms of size, but also in terms of shape. From submitting DWG files to complete sheet pile calculations: we support you on all fronts.

Steel products
In addition to purchasing various profiles, you can also contact us for steel products that are temporarily made available for a project. This can be done on the basis of a rental or purchase-repurchase agreement. We also have equipment such as Silentpilers, ABI piling rigs, vibratory hammers and power packs. We never feel too big for small projects and we are certainly not too small for large projects!

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