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Piling Tubes & Drilling Pipes

Straight from production

Piling Tubes & Drilling Pipes

At Intra BV we offer different types of Piling Tubes and Drilling Pipes. We ensure that the products are delivered ready to use, so that they can be used immediately!
*Intra BV can produce any desired length and thickness for the full Pile assembly.

Piling Tube - Ø114 mm up to Ø508 mm*

Our Piling Tubes can be supplied in any segment length. We provide our Piling Tubes with a base plate and a drum. Using special machines with internal drop block, our Piling Tubes are driven into the ground.

Ground Displacement Screw Pile - Ø88.9 mm up to Ø457 mm*

Our Ground Discplacement Screw Piles are Piles with a base plate/tip and drilling blade. These Screw Piles are driven vibration-free into the ground using a drilling motor. This makes our Screw Piles ideal for use in sensitive environments, such as inner city areas and factory sites.

Screw Injection Piles - Ø88.9 mm up to Ø457 mm*

Our Screw Injection Piles are equipped with a base plate/tip, drilling blade and a special valve. Intra BV’s Screw Injection Piles are suitable for high Pile loads of any diameter. Upon installation, a drilling motor is used to rotate the Pile to the correct depth in combination with a grout mortar, which is injected into the soil through the special valve.

Micropiles - Ø88.9 mm up to Ø219.1 mm*

Our Micropiles are Piles with a relatively small diameter, we provide them with a point and internal and external threads. We offer the option of tapered or straight threads.

Want to know more?

Our specialists will be happy to help! Contact us without obligation and we will give you all the information you need. We can advise you directly on the best option for your project based on your stated wishes and requirements.

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