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Single Pilers

Single Pilers
The Still Worker ZU-100

The Still Worker is used for vibrations free pressing and pulling from sheet piles.

Features and Benefits of the Still Worker:



MAX pressing in force

1,000 kN

MAX drawing out force

1,100 kN


750 mm

Pressing in speed

3.0-36.0 m/min

Drawing out speed

2.4-28.0 m/min

Tilting device

+/- 5 degrees

Mast rotation

180 degrees

Applicable sheet piles


ESZ17 tot ESZ20, ESZ17-700 tot ESZ28-700, AZ12 tot AZ50, AZ17-700 tot AZ41-700, AZ12-700R tot AZ14-700R, AZ36-700N tot AZ46-700N,

H1105 tot H3806, PZC13 tot PZC39, PZ22 & PZ35


L703 tot L755, AU14 tot AU26, PU12 tot PU32, PU11R tot PU15R, (V)L603 tot (V)L607n

Operation system

Wireless radio control & cable remote control

Moving system



Biodegradable greases


12,200 kg

Reaction stand


Length (L1)

4,000 mm

Length (L2)

6,385 mm

Width (W1)

2,200 mm

Width (W2)

4,640 mm


462 mm


2,400 kg

Features and benefits of the Mast Tilt device

  • Mast/chuck can incline forwards and backwards by 5 degrees.
  • More accurate and efficient pile installation.
  • Makes self traveling much easier and quicker. 
  • Makes working on gradients much easier.
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