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sheet piles

IBO® The tailor-made suit in the sheet pile world

At Intra BV cold-rolled and cold-formed sheet piles (IBO®, VKZ and MKU) are produced according to all our clients exact wishes and requirements. This means that the sheet piles’ dimensions, weight and technical specifications will fit exactly according to the required building specifications.

The advantages of our IBO® sheet piles:​

Intra BV optimizes the standard

Our IBO®, VKZ and MKU profiles are developed by certified engineers whereby your requirements are the basis. We will develop the most advantageously profile with the required Moment of Inertia and Section Modulus. Your requirements regarding steelgrade, thickness, width and height will be considered in this development. 

On demand you will receive a made-to-measure profile which is especially developed for your project.

The IBO®, VKZ and MKU are available in thicknesses up to 10 mm and lengths up to 18.000 mm. Below shows you the comparison between hot rolled sheet piles and our IBO® cold-formed sheet piles in different thicknesses. It also shows you what the possible savings are when using cold-rolled or cold-formed sheet piles.

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