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Trench Sheets MKD

Trench Sheets, also known as Trench Sheet Piles, are produced at Intra BV according to our customers’ wishes and requirements. We have Trench Sheets available directly from stock or straight from our own production facility.  

Trench Sheets are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications in construction projects. They are usually made of lightweight material, which makes them easy to handle and install. Since they are so lightweight, they can be transported efficiently, reducing logistical challenges on construction sites. This increases productivity and allows faster installation.

Trench Sheets can be used for permanent and temporary projects. The strength and malleability of our Trench Sheets, combined with their effortless removability, make them suitable to reuse in all kinds of projects. This makes the Trench Sheets a durable solution and may help in lowering the carbon footprint of your project. Besides, the Trench Sheets provide stability, prevent erosion, and increase the structural integrity of surrounding areas.

Each project has its own requirements. Our engineers would love to help finding the best suitable Trench Sheet for your project, where we take all of you and your project’s aspects into account.

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