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The advantages of our Bracing System specified to some references

The INTRA Bracing System is a modular system designed & engineered to maintain excavation integrity, it allows flexibility on site and saves time and money. And most importantly: it provides a safe working environment.

There are many advantages to the Bracing System:

  • INTRA Bracing has removable Hydraulic Rams
  • There is no need for weekly testing of movement
  • It has a quick & easy layout time
  • With this first of its kind system there is no cutting or welding needed
  • And last but not least, it is 3 to 5 times faster than conventional welding of beams

We already have a few references for different projects of our Bracing System. They were all unique in their own kind and this proves the flexibility of the modular system.

The West of The Netherlands
You would think that this project was a challenge for us, but the opposite was true! Since the Bracing System is versatile in every aspect, this has been an easy-going project. As you can see on the picture we had to make some difficult angles in this cofferdam, but with the INTRA Bracing System this wasn’t an issue at all.

Tankpit Vopak
This tankpit shows that our INTRA Bracing System is not only at use for sheet piles, but also for concrete constructions. Another advantage for this tankpit is the fact that the Bracing System provides a safe work environment because it is not needed to cut or weld on site. Which is highly preferred on production plans, because it lowers the risk of fire/explosion hazards.

Currently we are running another project with the Bracing System in a cofferdam of concrete. Don’t want to miss out on this upcoming reference? Follow us on LinkedIn and stay up to date.

Making a nice curve with conventional welding of beams? Quite the challenge.
Making a nice curve with our modular Bracing System? Easy!

Normally projects, such as these, would take lots of time: first calculate and then install the beams into the cofferdam. Because the Bracing System has a quick and easy assembly this time was being saved, and saving times means saving money. Our patented system is 3 to 5 times faster than conventional welding of beams, among others because there is no need for cutting and welding.

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