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The INTRA Expanding Seal; One of our latest environmentally friendly products

We want to bring an important topic to your attention when it comes to innovative products: environmental friendliness. One of our latest products, the INTRA Expanding Seal has many advantages and one of them is that it is very environmentally friendly (ps. download our flyer below!).

Before we start, we want to introduce you with this hydrophilic sealant on Polyurethane (PU) basis (which expands up to 350% of its original volume!) with a special 3D-video. This makes it easy to show you exactly how easy the Expanding Seal is to use on-site.

Why is the INTRA Expanding Seal environmentally friendly? 
Our INTRA Expanding Seal is very environmentally friendly, because it is an air moisture curing polyurethane sealant. Therefore, the product does not contain any raw materials that are classified as dangerous to the environment.
Not only doesn’t it contain dangerous materials; once cured, the expected life time is 100 years! During this life cycle the INTRA Expanding Seal will not release any substances that are harmful to the environment, ground water or soil.
In which conditions am I able to use the Expanding Seal? 
To assure that the use of our Expanding Seal is applicable in any condition we made sure to do a pressure resistance test. The result of this test was that the INTRA Expanding Seal can resist a water pressure of at least 10 bar/1000 kPa. This, in combination with the environmental friendliness, makes the INTRA Expanding Seal ideal to achieve the perfect total package for a watertight seal. 
The use of the Expanding Seal is ideal for:
1. Sealing of the locks between sheet piles (all profiles)
2. Sealing joints of on-site cast concrete in wet conditions
3. Sealing joints between precast segments in wet or underwater applications (e.g. manholes, box culverts, cable ducts and pipes)
Would you like to know more about this swell seal? Please download our flyer by clicking the link below. And if you can’t wait any longer to find out more about this product; please give us a call! Our specialists would love to tell you all about this product. 
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