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Combined Piles in Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Combined Piles in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For this project, Intra supplied 5 combined piles of 36.8 meters and 5 pieces of 30.3 meters, with a weighing of 36 tons each.

A combined pile consists of various piles with small differences in diameters and/or wall thicknesses are assembled into one pile. Because of this, the demand for different strengths (Wx) and stiffnesses (Ix) can be met along the length of one pile while saving tons of steel on the locations where the Wx and Ix may be lower.

These piles are very suitable for heavy duty applications and are often seen in mooring posts, guideways, wind turbines and support structures/ foundations in the offshore industry.

Each project has its own requirements. Our engineers can calculate the most cost-efficient Combined Piles solution for your specific project, where we take all the projects’ aspects into account.

Read more about our Combined Piles here! Do you have any question? Please contact one of our specialists. We would love to tell you more about our Combined Piles!

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